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Imagine a knock at your door and you open it to behold a beautiful Black man standing there in a delivery uniform.  He extends his hand to give you a lovely red envelope.

You look at the man and the envelope, a little perplexed and with your forehead furrowed. “Huh, what is THIS for?” you think to yourself.

You close your door and then slowly open the red envelope.  You see that you’ve been invited to partake in a very special virtual event event, for Sistahs only.

More specifically, a SACRED Conversation for Sistahs about RESTORING BLACK LOVE.

(Okay, so I couldn’t swing the beautiful Black delivery man (LOL), but I can swing delivering this exclusive invitation, though the red envelope is in electronic form.)

You’re being summoned, along with a select group of other sistahs, both single and married, to be part of a SACRED conversation on Saturday, September 9th.

Why am I convening this special Restoring Black Love event for Sistahs?

Because a MAJOR SHIFT is critically needed in the WAY Black women and men have been engaging and relating in the love relationships and marriage space. 

There’s a path that too many Black love relationships and Black marriages have been going down, especially since the Pandemic, with an epidemic of Black marriage divorces and love relationship split-ups at alarming rates. We know that the Pandemic was not the cause of this rash of divorces, but it surely EXPOSED the true internal state of many of our marriages and love relationships.

This path I’m referring to is one of breakdown, failing, falling apart, estrangement, separation, break-ups, and/or divorces. 

And this can turn hearts cold, drive a wedge between Black women and Black men, and can cause splits, splinters and divisions in Black families and cause fractures in our Black communities. ALL of this has already been happening.

In my nearly 10 years of being a Love Relationships Coach, Trainer, Best-selling Author and Mentor, and nearly 25 years of being a transformational facilitator of courses, programs, retreats, classes, and seminars, I see levels of frustration and friction, and a collective mood of “relationships resignation” and apathy between Black women and Black men in the love relationships and marriage space that is at an all-time high.

The tide must be turned.

And the time is now.

This is why I’m calling for a critical conversation with Sistahs on Saturday September 9.

It is a SACRED conversation for grown Black women-folk.

You feel me?

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back for Me….

I have a team of amazing sistahs that are part of “The Cabinet,” my promotion team for The Love Academy, the love relationships teaching, training, coaching and mentoring division of my company. One of my team members forwarded an IG Reel to me not long ago that highlighted several high-profile and celebrity Black couples (all who were supposed to be aspirational models of Black Love) that had been featured on the Oprah’s OWN Black Love TV Show. Shockingly, the IG Reel highlighted those couples that were now divorced or were divorcing. The reel showed seven of these Black couples–- and one of the most recent to announce their divorce was Tina Lawson (Beyonce’s mama) and Richard Lawson.

SEVEN couples – Whaaat?!!? I was stunned. And also very saddened.

With this top of mind, my Love Academy team made an urgent plea to me to schedule a special love relationships event. “Debrena, we can’t wait until February 2024 for your next Love Academy event. That’s too far away. We need something now.

They were very insistent and persistent.

So I said YES, and this RESTORING BLACK LOVE special virtual event for Sistahs is the result.

It’s time to ACTIVATE and awaken many more Sistahs (Think: The Butterfly Effect) to this SPIRITUALLY-ALIGNED, NEW paradigm for creating and sustaining JUICY love relationships so that a new level of momentum and synergy can be created.

There is an urgency to “cut ties” with the faulty and flawed “Love Lies” that are the basis of the failing love relationships model we’ve been repeatedly shown, been taught, and see reinforced over and over again, including from the pulpit (which too often is NOT consistent with the liberating, Covenant Marriage design laid out in Scripture), yet it continues to FAIL us, almost wholesale. ENOUGH!!

Who is this special event for?

It is for Sistahs who are ready to be introduced to a NEW paradigm for attracting and sustaining JUICY love relationships and marriages; and in particular, JUICY Black Love relationships and marriages.

It is for Sistahs who are tired of all of the relationships madness, anger-laced opinions being thrown back and forth, the relationships toxicity being splattered all over social media, or the plethora of love relationships podcasts that now seem to be “a dime a dozen” that are filled with discussions that don’t offer solutions, healing, or how to truly SHIFT what’s been going on.

What Will I Cover in the Restoring Black Love Event?

I have some very potent, eye-opening, mind-blowing and heart-opening things to share that can literally begin to create a collective SHIFT in the quality, nature and dynamics of our Black male/female love relationships and marriages.

I will introduce you to a NEW relationships paradigm that is NOT more of the same old recycled relationships rhetoric.

Whether you are single or married, this event is a “Wake-up Call” to:

ACTIVATE the remembrance of WHAT you are and introduce you to the true keys to attracting and sustaining JUICY love relationships and marriage

BUST UP several love relationships myths that can keep us feeling confused, fed up, frustrated, bound, and burdened.

UNDERSTAND love relationships starting with understanding your Divine Identity as a Woman

UNDERSTAND how this new paradigm honors your Feminine Spirit and Feminine Essence and supports you in returning to your natural Feminine Energy

INTRODUCE you to 5 Spiritually-Aligned “Love Truths” from my NEW paradigm that literally change the love relationships and marriage “Game” 

UNDERSTAND what HEALING is and WHY it’s an essential cornerstone of restoring Black Love, starting with Self-love

RECOGNIZE how freedom is a result of dismantling the faulty “Love Lies”

LEARN how to begin turning the tide, re-open our hearts and reclaim Black Love 

EXPOSE the faulty Western-American, and religiously reinforced “Love Lies-laced” love relationships paradigm that is failing us so badly, and that disproportionately affects Black love relationships and marriages

CHALLENGE the faulty “Love Lies” that are central to the failing and FAILED current paradigm that yields a 51% divorce rate, giving the U. S. the highest divorce rate, world-wide

What I’ve Seen....

I have seen the positive results that occur when single and married sistahs learn how to disentangle from this distorted and twisted approach to love relationships, and the warped version of marriage we’ve been given.

I have seen new JUICY Black marriages occur amongst graduates of my Love Academy courses as a result of allowing me to usher them OUT of the faulty love relationships programming and into the “Love Truths,” that form a NEW paradigm and a new understanding for attracting and sustaining JUICY love relationships and JUICY divinely-aligned covenant marriage.

I have witnessed existing marriages be renewed after wives were exposed to this NEW paradigm, or wives change their minds when they’d come to my Love Academy planning to divorce. 

I have worked with many groups of brothas in my Men-tality love relationships seminars for men, and heard them bare their souls and share things with me that they’d NEVER felt they had the permission to say or admit.  I have seen them tear up, get choked up, and confess their own relationships fears, insecurities and frustrations.

I have seen hearts re-open, inner lights come back on, and a new hope, excitement and belief in a NEW possibility for one’s own love relationships or one’s own marriage be born.

I have seen the very countenance of women change when they understand how much damage, breakdown and confusion that the Love Lies paradigm has caused them and others.

Why am I directing this SACRED conversation to Sistahs?

There are some things I need to discuss with other Sistahs, in private, in sacred space. Amongst us.

And most importantly because: WE ARE THE KEY

We are the key, NOT because it’s “all on our shoulders” to turn this thing around, and NOT because it’s our “responsibility,” but because of four essential things (I will share MORE on these in the September 9 Restoring Black Love virtual event).

WE ARE THE KEY because of:

  • our Divine Placement on Earth,
  • how power-full we are by virtue of the capacity of our hearts and WOMBS to HOLD LOVE; and
  • how power-full we are by virtue of the spiritual properties of the melanin in our skin
  • our innate and inherent ability to “set direction” and “new vision” within our relationships, families, communities; and THE WORLD. Yes, the world!!

By the way, this is a special ONE-TIME event so there will not be the opportunity to “catch it next time.”

Who should be part of this Sacred conversation?

I hope that this message is causing a stir within you, creating a rising excitement in your belly, or stimulating curiosity in you!

I invite you to say YES and register to being a part of this SACRED Conversation for Sistahs.

Ordinarily, a special TWO-HOUR virtual event like this would easily be $179, but I am making it available for ONLY $29. Yes, $29.

You will receive your Confirmation Email with the Zoom link and final details prior to the event.

So are you IN? I hope so. If you have other sistah-friends that you want to share this with, feel free.




Debrena Jackson Gandy and the Love Academy Team

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Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a nationally-published best-selling author of Sacred Pampering Principles, All the Joy You Can Stand, and The Love Lies.  She’s a keynote speaker, Master Transformational Life Coach, owner of a 25-year successful business, mentor to 16 Black women thought-leaders, and Founder of The Love Academy, MEN-tality Love Relationships Seminars for men, The Covenant Academy, and her new Preparation for Partnership Program.  

She and her wonderful husband, Joseph, have been married for 30 years, and have three beautiful and brilliant daughters.  Through her books, classes, courses, programs, and retreats, she has ushered thousands of women into living and be-ing Sacred Self-Caring Women living the Juicy Woman Lifestyle. 

She has appeared on national and regional TV on shows such as Sistercircle, CNN, CNN Live, and C-Span, on popular regional TV shows as Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Good Day D. C, New Day Northwest in Seattle, and Afternoon Live in Portland, OR, and in numerous metropolitan newspapers.  She’s been seen in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, Heart & Soul, Emerge, and Woman’s Day, and formerly was a TV show host for TBN at their Seattle-Tacoma Station.

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