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The JUICY WOMAN Transformational LIFESTYLE

This program introduces you to a NEW paradigm for living, loving, BE-ing and relating based in joy, deeper peace, abundance, self-fullness, high-level self-love, and the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness.

In this unique 12-month program, you will journey through EIGHT major life areas
in a positive cohort community of like-minded women.

You can expect to experience mind, body, spirit, heart, money, relationships
(love, family, and friends), energy and spaces – and explore what it looks like and
feels like to move through these EIGHT Life Areas, BE-ing a Juicy Woman.

You will begin to make the SHIFT to a NEW paradigm for living
– the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness.
This consciousness enables you to live as a Juicy Woman.

In JWU, you will establish the foundation
for experiencing the Juicy Woman Lifestyle.

Juicy Woman Universe-ity Transformational Lifestyle Program is for YOU if:

  • you desire to FREE yourself from the (R.E.B.O.O.) Paradigm – the “Rippin’ and Runnin’ Rat Race/Efforting/Busyness/Overwhelm/Over-Doing” Paradigm and step into a NEW sacred self-caring paradigm of more joy, ease, order, beauty, peace and “flow-ductivity;”
  • ​you are hungry for a NEW paradigm based in joy, inner peace, ease, order, emotional and spiritual freedom, FLOW, and activating your feminine power and magnetism, instead of strain, stress, chasing, “efforting” and over-doing.
  • you desire to learn how to more fully tap the power of her Feminine Magnetism to attract the desires of heart with less effort and struggle and more ease;
  • ​you want to align your life with what honors your Feminine Essence and Feminine Spirit
  • ​you are READY AND WILLING TO DO THE DIVINE SELF-WORK that enables you to heal, forgive, and achieve more emotional and spiritual freedom
  • ​you want to understand how to intentionally manifest the desires of her heart, in less time and with less “efforting;”
  • ​you want to go both higher and deeper in her relationship with God, your understanding of God’s spiritual laws, and strengthen your communication and connection with the Holy Spirit;​
  • you want to open your heart to more fully give and receive LOVE;
  • ​you who want to learn how to “uplevel” your relationship with yourself and experience High-level self-love;
  • ​you want to HEAL your negative emotions and limiting beliefs through intentional forgiveness work;
  • ​you are teachable and coachable;
  • ​you want to FREE and DISENTANGLE yourself from the grip of the R.E.B.O.O. Life, and
  • ​you’re ready to release what you’ve been taught, told and shown about how to “do” life, so that you can experience a higher, elevated and JUICIER way of living

If at least 7 of these statements are TRUE for you, then JWU is for you.

And I invite you to consider joining us in the NEXT JWU Class and Cohort Community.