Feminine Magnetism Quiz

Feminine Magnetism Quiz

How strong or weak is your Magnetism?
Created by Debrena Jackson Gandy

Answer either a YES or NO.
YES means that ALL of the statement is true for you.

Magnetic Characteristics YES or NO?

Give yourself 10 points for every YES answer.

  1. I am able to manifest positive things in my life with grace and great ease, instead of “efforting” and trying to “make” it happen
  2. I am able to be comfortable holding still and being silent for a continuous 20 minutes without getting restless
  3. My walk is fluid, relaxed and graceful.
  4. I smile easily and readily, and show my teeth often
  5. Both women and men constantly comment on my glow, my clothing, make-up, accessories, or some aspect of my appearance.
  6. I consistently give myself ample, unrushed time to get dressed, prepared and ready for my day
  7. I have a consistent prayer and meditation morning devotion practice of at least 15 minutes
  8. Internally, I am more often in a state of calm and peace than a state of concern, worry, stress or anxiety
  9. I eat at least 1 piece/portion of actual, real fruit (NOT from a can, container, jar, etc.) each day
  10. Intentional stretching or stretching movement is part of my morning, daily
  11. I drink at least 6 glasses of water daily
  12. I wisely manage my four gateways and the “inputs” I allow in through them (eyes, ears, mouth, vagina/womb)
  13. I deliberately minimize my exposure to electronics/electromagnetic devices (i.e. computer screen, Tablet, iPod, iPad, cell phone, TV, etc.). And I do not use my cell phone at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table – whether at home or in a restaurant.
  14. I wear clothes, scents, make-up (if applicable), colors, and accessories that flatter my body, and others tell me so.
  15. I get the proper amount of sleep each night that my body needs
  16. Writing down gratitudes is part of my daily spiritual practice
  17. I pay close attention and notice details
  18. I listen well, and others tell me so.
  19. I am present and highly aware of the inflow and outflow of money in my life. I save a percentage of my inflow. I am living within my means (my income exceeds my expenses and outflow)
  20. I often am treated (someone else pays) by others and/or receive cards, tokens of appreciation, or gifts of thanks from others.
  21. I am regularly energized and have an abundance of energy.
  22. I know what brings me joy and feeds my spirit, and how to raise my personal vibration
  23. There is beauty, comfort and order in my car, bedroom, bathroom, and throughout my living space/home
  24. I give myself ample, unrushed transition time between appointments or ample time to get to an appointment
  25. I regularly (at least twice a month) gather, in-person with other like-minded, positive, radiant women
  26. I have at least three healthy, platonic male friendships (this also applies to married women)
  27. My body is free of pain, medication (including aspirin) and dis-ease
  28. I am able to attract/magnetize men with ease (whether single or married)
  29. I am comfortable looking at my naked body in a full-length mirror
  30. I am able to manifest (bring forth from thought to reality) with ease in my life
  31. I take sacred pampering baths (versus only showers)
  32. If single, I am being courted. If married, my husband is courting me (If you don’t know what courtship is, then your answer is a no)
  33. (Whether or not you’re sexually active), I know that I enjoy sex and I have positive associations with it. I don’t misuse or abuse my own sexual energy or that of others.
  34. I take my time when I eat a meal, and I actually sit down when I eat a meal
  35. There is plenty of play, laughter and fun in my life

Give yourself 10 points for every YES answer.


Assessment Score: ________

Below 200

Your “magnetic” foundation is weak and needs shoring up and strengthening. It’s shaky.  There are gaps and holes that need to be addressed. Your magnetism is being cloaked or suppressed.  Sacred self-care remains a concept that needs to be more deeply anchored and actualized in your thoughts, words, actions, choices, behavior, and lifestyle. You might still be dealing with being good to yourself, saying no, or taking time for yourself triggering feelings of guilt.  Forgiveness of self and also some key others would go a long way in freeing you from emotional baggage and old patterns from your past.  If you don’t already, start to write down your gratitudes daily, and at the top of your day.  Become more consistent and persistent with sacred self-care, and supporting the consciousness of sacred self-care.  Become highly aware of thoughts, choices and behaviors that are self-sabotaging, inconsistent with what you say you want, or contradict what you say you want or want to attract in your life.

201 to 270

Your Magnetism is on Low Beam.  You are learning to set your magnetic energy free and more fully embrace your femininity and sensuousness.  You may still be resisting your magnetism.  You may still have fear of your power, greatness , beauty or brilliance.There are certain areas that are on point, but others that are not.  Focus on shoring up the “weaker” areas.  Learn to better and more wisely manage your energy.  More experiences and moments that rejuvenate, renew and reenergize you are needed in your life.

271 to 310

You have a solid magnetic foundation in place.  Your magnetism is strong and on High Beam.  Now you get to tighten up your final few areas.  Be committed to increasing and expanding the level of flow, joy, and ease in your daily life.  Be sure your rest, hydration, eating choices, and prayer and meditation continue to be securely in place.  In your life, seek out ways to support and inspire others.  You are in position to be of service in many ways, to others.

311 to 350

Your magnetism is at Full Beam Megawatt level and could power up not just a room but an entire block.  You impact and alter the quality of energy, vibration and the atmosphere for the better when you are present in a space or place. It is more a function of your being, than your doing, or your personality.  You call forth the best in others.  You ooze joy, love and light, and others comment on it constantly. You are able to manifest with very little efforting or force, but rather with ease and spontaneity.   You are experiencing what it means to be a gift to the planet.


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