LOVE ACADEMY General Overview

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The veil is being lifted, and NEW Mind-Blowing Love Relationship Myths are being exposed that will make your jaw drop.

Debrena’s NEW Love Academy Live offers the 101 Intensive and the Advanced Course 201 Intensive — each is a half-day  intensive that is myth-busting and mind-blowing. It is setting women FREE from the “Love Lies!

She also offers a shorter 3.5 hour seminar version FOR MEN ONLY entitled “MEN-tality,” typically from 9:30am – 1:00pm.

The Love Academy Live Intensive is based upon Debrena’s powerful DID YOU BUY THE LOVE LIES? Curriculum and the first 3 of her set of 25 female-specific and 25 male-specific Love Lies she’s developed.

The Love Academy 101 is typically from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

The Love ACADEMY 201, The Advanced Course, is from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Both offer an optional 1-hour “After Glow” – an extended Q & A period (no addt’l cost)

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Why is it that, too often, descriptions of our love relationships are almost unanimously characterized by experiences of FRUSTRATION, IRRITATION, ANGER, DISAPPOINTMENT and DISSATISFACTION?

Why is it that, with ALL of the love relationships books, articles, talk show experts, and seminars available, that people are actually MORE FED UP and FRUSTRATED than ever before?

Why is it that the DIVORCE RATE has actually INCREASED by 4 percentage points to 54% over the past 5 years?

Debrena’s LOVE ACADEMY answers these questions and MORE!

Her curriculum, “DID YOU BUY THE LOVE LIES?” introduces you to a totally NEW Love Relationships paradigm – one that powerfully affects both men and women, and how we act and interact with another in the DOMAIN of love relationships.



Debrena is pulling back the veil and sharing mind-blowing truths with you that EXPOSE….

  • The LOVE LIES that men and women have unknowingly bought – lock, stock and barrel
  • How the “ingredients” of the Love Relationships “Recipe” we’ve been using, can ONLY yield DYSFUNCTIONAL results
  • Learn how to make the shift from being a Girl in your Love Relationships to being a Woman!
  • LEARN about critical LOVE LIES that will RADICALLY RAISE your Love Relationships I. Q.
  • How these LOVE LIES are based on two very different and divergent Love Relationship mindset “programs” – a set of “programs” for men and a completely different set for women
  • How these LOVE LIES consistently and continuously yield the very things we DON’T WANT in our love relationships – FRUSTRATION, IRRITATION, ANGER, DISAPPOINTMENT and DISSATISFACTION
  • How to INTERRUPT and DISRUPT your obsolete love relationships programming, dis-entangle yourself from the prevailing “Love Relationships Matrix,” and step into a NEW PARADIGM that gives you deep satisfaction, fulfillment, joy and peace in your love  relationships!


Men AND Women, whether you are single,engaged, divorced, married (newly, or for many years) in a committed relationship, or just hungry for a CHANGE in your love relationships

Debrena Jackson Gandy
Best-selling author, international speaker, success coach, personal and professional Mentor,
and Love Relationships Mentor