Do you want to learn how to be a more deliberate manifester?

Dear Friend:

There have been many times throughout my life where other people have said to me, “Debrena, you have the Midas Touch.”

The “Midas Touch” is a phrase taken from the tale of King Midas. Everything he touched turned to gold.

Using this popularized term has come to mean that “what you touch becomes golden” or always turns out successfully.

I take this “Midas Touch” comment as a sincere compliment, and I’m deeply grateful. This also means that others are paying attention to what I manifest in my life.

I am crystal clear, though, that being able to manifest powerfully is NOT PERSONAL. It’s the result of me aligning with and activating the specific spiritual principles that support intentional manifestation.

I’m clear that what others may see as the “Midas Touch” is really the “fruit” of me refining my ability to consciously and intentionally learn how to MANIFEST the desires of my heart.

And what do I mean by manifestation?

By manifestation I mean the spiritual process that moves something from the 4th dimension of ideas, thoughts, visions, or concepts, to showing up in the 3rd dimension of your physical life.

I’ve been a student of Life for decades and I’ve sought to understand the “anatomy” of how God designed Life to work so that I can use it in my own life and the turn around to teach it to others who also want to experience “life more abundantly” – what I call, The JUICY Life and living as a JUICY woman.

This Means That I’ve Taken Time To Get More Intimately Acquainted With The Spiritual Process That Operates Behind Manifestation So That I Can Better Understand How I Can Manifest What I Desire Instead Of What I Don’t.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Most people are manifesting what they DON’T want because they are not aware of how the manifestation process works. And it IS a process…with steps.

This is why I wrote Think It, Write It, Declare It (actually, I wrote it over 10 years ago but haven’t promoted it much).  It shares SOME of the Manifestation Techniques I’ve been using for at least two decades to create, design and manifest a JUICY LIFE, a life of my heart’s desires.

And I’m specifically offering you a Special Discount today on Think It, Write It, Declare It, because I’ve been getting a LOT more questions lately from my students, readers, mentees, private Facebook Community, Followers on social media, and members of my Life Lab Membership Program, about MANIFESTATION.

I Wrote Think It, Write It, Declare It because you may NOT be aware of:

How powerful your INNER THOUGHTS are

How powerful your WORDS are (your spoken thoughts)

How powerful your BELIEFS are, that give rise to your thoughts, and

How to deliberately use ALL THREE OF THESE, WORKING TOGETHER, to move things from the invisible 4th dimension to the visible 3rd dimension in your life

Did you know that....

You are a Manifestation Machine.

You are constantly manifesting.
You can’t help it.
It’s part of your divine design.
The Question then Becomes;

WHAT are you manifesting?

Is it what you desire or what you DON’T want?

If you want to become more masterful at “intentional manifestation,” then this ebook is for you.

This ebook helps you to:

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