Debrena on the Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast: Supporting moms in living their JUICIEST lives!

Debrena was a guest on the Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast, which focuses on themes such as the power of relationship, the personal development of parenting, and lots about Positive Discipline. In this episode, Debrena and Casey discussed creating juicy lives for ourselves. Join us!

Debrena, What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

“It means living a life based in truth, and unfortunately, to live truthfully and to speak truthfully in this American culture is seen as something as so courageous and it really shouldn’t have to be lauded as a courageous act to be living as a real person. And unfortunately it gets so many applause, “Oh you’re so courageous to say that, oh you’re so courageous to do that, oh you’re so courageous to speak that” and it’s really just called being truthful.  And so joyful courage is really just living in our naturally truthful selves and because we’re short on truth right about now, even more so in our country then it lets us know we are living away from and in contradiction to our natural selves which our natural selves are truthful.

So if we’re just our natural selves, truthful is the way we operate. So, a joyfully courageous woman has just remembered who she is and shed the false, poisonous, faulty beliefs about who she is, which are really lies, and she’s just living in the natural beauty, power and influence that is consistent with her divine design.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Pampering the mind, body and the spirit
  • The nourishment of the spirit and why it matters
  • Why the first 9 years of life are so important to our beliefs
  • Getting past our own default mode
  • The guilt that comes from tending to self and martyrdom
  • When you feel bad about being good to self
  • The Sacred Self-Caring lifestyle vs. the lifestyle we inherit through default
  • Satisfaction, joy, ease, peace and flow: how to find it
  • Finding a new default for sacred self-care
  • The difference between the being and the doing – and the exhaustion that comes from all the doing
  • Division of responsibility for children within the home between parents – joint responsibility
  • How mothering behavior can block fathering and shared parenting
  • Being the architect of our own lives
  • When your “thought ware” isn’t aligned with being the architect of your own life
  • Baby steps to getting back into alignment
  • Debugging our programming
  • How beliefs impact attraction
  • The path to transformation
  • Getting curious about beliefs to make changes
  • Morning rituals for prayer and meditation
  • Discerning God’s voice from your inner self talk
  • The importance of asking in prayer
  • Understanding our own greatness and how that impacts our ability to live our birthright

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