Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Let’s practice changing your words, and thus your thoughts.  Let’s just say that you’ve been thinking to yourself or saying out loud in conversation that “I “don’t want to be broke,” or that “I don’t want to be single,” or that “I don’t want to be overweight.”  It’s important to first note how our subconscious mind works.  Words that represent the absence of something such as “don’t, no, or not” are filtered out by the subconscious mind. So go back and re-read these three statements again, this time omitting “don’t” from each sentence. How does the statement read now?  This is how it also reads to your subconscious mind, and is interpreted as such.  So the subconscious interprets the statements as “I want to be broke, I want to be single, I want to be overweight.”  Instead, state what you DO want.

Instead of I don’t want to be broke…….I am financially stable and have multiple streams of cash flow.

Instead of I don’t want to be single…..I desire to be in a mutually satisfying love relationship with an emotionally available man/woman.

Instead of I don’t want to be overweight…….I desire to have a fit, toned body at my healthy weight of ______(insert weight).

But the above statements are only the beginning.  I repeat, these statements of what you do want are only the beginning. You now have to take it a step farther and get more detailed and specific. For example, describe how you feel being financially stable. Describe how you want to be relating to money.  Describe how you are interacting in your satisfying love relationship. Describe how you are behaving, speaking, acting, relating, communicating, and how you are sharing yourself?  Describe how you feel walking to your car at your desired body weight. Describe how your clothes are fitting, and how it feels to be inside of your fit, toned body.  Get my drift?

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