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What is Black Excellence About?

Black Excellence is not about being better than anyone else; it is about more fully tapping into ALL you are designed to be so you can be the best version of yourself. This means fully maximizing and expressing your personal power and potential in EVERY area of your life.

However, Black Excellence must be ACTIVATED, otherwise it lays dormant. 

This is why the Black Excellence Masterclass & Training goes beyond being just a motivational Masterclass – it’s an ACTIVATIONAL Masterclass & Training, designed to awaken, jolt and ACTIVATE you.

The M-Factor Within

You carry a substance within that is so resilient, extra-ordinary and powerful that it has attempted to be controlled and subdued for centuries. When the full power of this substance is harnessed, it holds the energy and genius to transform communities, create immeasurable wealth, build empires and shift the trajectory of entire generations, and your life.

People with the highest concentration of it among ALL people groups, Black people, have historically and incessantly been oppressed, raped, mutilated, killed, imprisoned, sodomized, sabotaged and counterfeited in attempts to access this substance.

The Power of the M-Factor

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why there has been such systematic, global and persistent attempt to dehumanize, dishonor and destroy Black people?

What is it about US that invokes such consistent “control and/or destroy” responses? What is behind this?
The answer: It is the relentless pursuit of either destroying, controlling or subduing something IN us that gives us supernatural abilities and extra-ordinary capacities.

We call this the M-Factor.

In the Black Excellence Masterclass, we are going to reveal and decode the M-Factor and how it is the basis of Black Excellence and provides the impetus that powers it.

The M-Factor is at the root of what powers, fuels and informs Black Excellence.

The M-Factor gives us supernatural abilities. It is available to us once we understand the inherent capability and power of it.

The Origin of the Black Excellence Masterclass

For the first time ever, Debrena Jackson Gandy and Ericka D. James (not just “soul sisters,” but biological sisters) are teaming up to teach what was instilled in them from birth within their household by two parents that LIVED AND BREATHED Black Excellence.

They will share how they have harnessed the power of Black Excellence to create thriving businesses,  organizations and relationships.

Debrena and Ericka grew up in a family that intentionally taught, instilled and modeled the truth and power of Black Excellence. It was an essential part of their dinner table conversation and their upbringing. They had Black Excellence modeled and were taught Black Excellence starting at a young age. It was an inherent part of their existence.

It’s what they LIVE, not just what they know.

As also wives and mothers, and biological sisters from a mother and father that have been married 55 years, they have inherited a legacy of Black Excellence.

In this Masterclass, they pass it on to you.

A Line of Demarcation

The year of 2020 served as a line of demarcation personally and collectively, and even globally that drew a line in the sand.  It marked a critical and long overdue departure from OLD ways of thinking, old LEVELS of thinking, and old and outgrown beliefs and belief systems.

2020 was a pivotal year that marked the deterioration and/or breakdown of old constructs and lies, and the emergence into a NEW era of truth, freedom and IN-powerment – especially about ourselves as Black people.

We are now in this NEW era where we are being summoned to re-awaken and activate our original and inherent Greatness. 

As African-Americans, it is imperative that we shake off ANY and ALL remaining false, imposed and/or limiting beliefs and perceptions, especially those we’ve internalized and unconsciously absorbed about our self-concept, identity, and about life.

The Black Excellence  Masterclass is designed especially for Black people, to usher you further FORWARD into an era of renewed power, clarity, remembrance, and dominion, in mind, body, spirit, business, health and finances.

This Masterclass covers 7 principles that are designed to re-align your mind, body and soul with the Truth of who you are.

The 7 Immutable Laws of Black Greatness cover identity and image, mindset, legacy, boldness, personal power, body esteem, and wealth/prosperity.

A sampling of a few of the principles are:

We welcome you into a renewed consciousness, recommitment to and experience of personal and collective Black Excellence and what it means in YOUR life and in our lives as Black people. The new era is here. Recognize, tap into, embrace and ACCESS your own inherent Greatness.

You are invited to be part of a power-packed, value-rich 3-hour jointly-led Masterclass on Saturday, September 11, 9:00am to Noon PST/Noon to 3:00pm. The dynamic duo of Ericka D. James and Debrena Jackson Gandy, two powerhouse sisters (biological sisters), are coming together for their first-time ever, to CO-LEAD a life-changing Masterclass – Black Excellence:  The 7 Immutable Laws of Black Greatness.

Meet Your Co-Presenters:

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Ericka D. James

Both are business owners, 3rd generation entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and Master Life Coaches.  

In this first-ever Black Excellence Masterclass, you will experience their convergence of outside-the-box perspectives, thinking and teachings as they draw on their:

Together, their body of work has reached and impacted over 200,000 women and men.

You’ll receive a masterclass worksheet plus these four bonuses:

What you’ll Learn from the Teachings in the Black Excellence Masterclass:

How will you benefit from the Black Excellence Masterclass?

Blow the lid OFF of your Greatness and walk, speak and interact with a renewed level of confidence, brilliance and boldness.

You will emerge from this Masterclass….

This masterclass and training, for both men and women, is especially for you if you want to take your career, business, or organization to new heights and you have been looking for that edge that has been eluding you.

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