Beliefs Blow-Out 2013 Details

Back by POPULAR DEMAND!!  Last year’s Beliefs Blow-Out 2012 was so well-received that we’re

doing it again!!!  CLEAR OUT old beliefs from 2013, and set the stage for MORE in 2-0-1-4!



Hey, Friend:

I’m going into my secret vault to pull out files that contain some of the techniques and practices I’ve been using for the past 15 years, before each year ends, to intentionally set the tone, vibration and theme for each new year of my life.  And I am adding in some new elements” to what I shared last year’s Beliefs Blow-Out Tele-seminar.

So far, the results of these intentional “behind the scenes” techniques and practices have been pretty decent – a highly functional family, two national best-selling books; a new national book deal for my 3rd book; international travel to exotic locations and 7 other countries; a healthy, pain-free, medication-free body; a juicy marriage of 20 years; a business that has generated over $900,000 in revenues over the past 11 years; a huge gang of rewarding, long-standing close friendships with amazing women and men across the country; a vibrant group of 12 personal mentees that I mentor; and features in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, Woman’s Day, and Oprah’s website; as well as on TV on shows such as CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, C-SPAN, and Good Morning Texas.  And recently, I became one of the TV hosts of TBN’s Public Report show on their KTBW Seattle/Tacoma TV station.

This is why I’m offering my 2nd Annual BELIEFS BLOW-OUT 2013 TELE-SEMINAR (before the end of this year), to share with you these intentional processes that have been the keys to being able to create the life of my dreams.

I am so grateful to be able to say that I’ve designed and am living a life that is the expression of my heart’s desires.  I am so grateful that there’s NO GAP between my ideal life and the one I’ve created for myself.

And I want to have an active part in MORE people being able to say the same .

And this is why I’m excited to share…..

I’m breaking my usual mold and offering this special year-end tele-seminar on a SATURDAY MORNING, yes, Saturday…Saturday December 28 for 90 powerful minutes, 8:30am – 10:00am PST/11:30am to 1:00pm EST. PROMPTLY. No excuses and no exceptions.

This Beliefs Blow-Out 2013 Tele-seminar is for READY women – women who desire to take their lives to the NEXT level in 2014, who want more in 2-0-1-4, and know that they can have it.

This tele-seminar is NOT for those who are okay with staying stuck in old patterns, procrastination, fear, repeating the same mistakes, continuing in negative habits, playing small, or making excuses.

I’m so serious about the power of this tele-seminar that you will be required to get your mind, body and spirit READY TO RECEIVE 15 minutes prior to the start of the tele-seminar.  (You’ll get the full details and instructions for this preparation with your Confirmation e-Letter, once you register).

So, if you’re ready to UNCLOG YOUR RECEIVING AND MANIFESTATION CHANNELS, then this BELIEFS BLOW-OUT 2013 Tele-Seminar is for you.

When you hang up the phone on Saturday December 28, from this 90 powerful minutes, you will:

  • Use my R. S. S. C. Process to establish a personal Go-Forward Plan for 2014
  • Understand how the Law of Integrity is the foundation of a being a powerful Manifester
  • Have determined your personal guiding theme and crafted your Personal Affirmation for 2014; and
  • Know how to use the G. A. C. P Principle to increase the flow of money, opportunities, divine synchronicities, and positive relationships in your life

I ain’t playin’ –You are your life’s greatest masterpiece and you are worth the investment of LESS than $1 a minute for the 90-minute tele-seminar. (The investment is only $79).  Let this be a Christmas gift to YOURSELF.

So here’s the deal….I am making the registration for this tele-seminar available for ONLY 7 days…From Dec 16 to Dec 23rd.  I invite you to be decisive.  If you resonate with this, I invite you to move on this now, and get yourself registered. Don’t delay.


Remember, registration is open only from Dec 16 to Dec 23 at Midnight PST

Looking forward to having you join us!!  Here’s the payment link:  $79 Registration


Joyfully and Powerfully Yours,


Spiritual Mid-wife and Catalyst of Other’s Greatness

Payment Link: $79 Registration