A new movement is underway….well, actually, it’s NOT new – it is a Movement that is resurrecting itself because the times are urgently calling for it. The year 2020 served as a line of demarcation that was to, among other things, mark the beginning of a new era for us as Black folks, where we operate at wholly NEW levels of “activated Black Greatness” in all areas of our lives.

This new era and this Movement is the “new” Black Excellence Movement (BExM).

If you have been feeling like your unclear of how to catapult to your next level, get unstuck and get your “mojo” in full effect again, this movement is for you. Or if you can feel the pilot light of greatness within you, but know that something has been holding you back, this one’s for you.

It’s time to reach new altitudes of momentum to create the life, career or business of impact that you have been envisioning.

How do you become part of the new Black Excellence Movement (BExM)?

You have to be invited, and you have to enter through a doorway.  Membership is FREE, but you have to enter through the doorway of our NO COST virtual “Zoominar” seminar.  When you enter this first Doorway on Thursday August 5, you will be introduced to the first 4 Keys that make up the foundational principles of the Black Excellence Movement (BExM).

How do I Claim a NO COST Seat?

The first Doorway of entry is opening on Thursday, August 5 in the form of our Introductory 90-minute “Zoominar” virtual seminar entitled ACTIVATE YOUR BLACK GREATNESS.

Why Us?

Jointly, we have a passionate commitment to Black Excellence and seeing it become our norm once again.

We are fortunate and blessed to have been born to a set of exceptional and remarkable parents who created a sub-culture within our home that modeled, taught and reinforced Black Excellence as the daily norm.   In addition, both of our parents each owned their own businesses, were community, civic and political leaders; and went on to build and run a multi-million dollar family corporation together.

As Scripture reminds us, “To whom much is given, much is required;” And we’re clear that we have been given MUCH.

With both of us as 3rd generation entrepreneurs/business owners, speakers, trainers, and also transformational authors, facilitators, and master coaches, we are stepping up to the plate (as are many others) to be Catalysts in the re-awakening of Black Brilliance, Genius, and Prosperity..  Our desire is for this Movement to gain increasing traction and for it to be a major impetus in the ushering of a new “golden age” for Black folks in the U. S.

Catalysts in the re-awakening of Black Brilliance, Genius, and Prosperity.

We invite you to be part of this Movement that is ushering in a new era of Black Excellence.

And we KNOW that not everyone is ready to be a part of something like this, and not everyone “gets” it.

This is for those who do.

On Thursday August 5, we will reveal the first 4 keys in this powerful  virtual kick-off event.

Join us for a live 90-minute “Zoominar” virtual seminar, ACTIVATE YOUR BLACK GREATNESS, taking place from 4:00 – 5:30pm PST/7:00 – 8:30pm EST.  Save your space using the form below.

As is also the case with all of the other great grassroots Black Movements, the primary way you find out about the BExM is through W. O. M – Word of Mouth.

Word of mouth means person to person, through an email, through a text, through a social media post, through family networks, through our churches, through our connections, associations and existing relationships with other progressive, like-minded and READY Black Folks!

This is also one of the primary ways that ALL powerful community-based Movements in our community have been initiated and spread rapidly. And we’re following suit.

If 1 person tells 2 other folks, who tell 2 other folks, who tell two other folks, keeping with this same pattern, in a matter of just 9 days, over 500 people would know about it.  That is how we see the BExM growing.

Please feel free to forward/share this with 2 other progressive friends or associates.

P. S. By the way, this Movement will not be televised

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About “The Dynamic Duo” – Debrena Jackson Gandy and Ericka D. James

In this first-ever Black Excellence Training, you will experience Debrena and Ericka’s convergence of outside-the-box
perspectives, thinking and teachings as they draw on their:

  • 50 years of combined business ownership experience
  • 35 years of combined Life Coaching Experience
  • A combination of over 7,000 clocked hours of active client coaching time
  • Expertise as writers, authoring 7 books and 5 e-books between them
  • Individually working with large and small companies; federal, state and city governments; professional associations,
    and non-profit and community-based organizations
  • Seasoned public speaking with 45 years of combined experience

Together, their body of work has reached and impacted over 200,000 women and men.