Dear Sacred One,

You are being extended a special invitation exclusively for women who joined us for the RESET, RECONNECT and/or FORGIVE Mini-Retreats, and/or Divine Woman.

Your emails, phone calls, texts and posts after the Mini-Retreat series made it clear – you want more, and you want to go deeper. You desire a breakthrough in your relationship with Self, with God and with others.

The next step is here.

To be invited, you have to be eligible. To be eligible, you have to have participated in one or more of our Mini-Retreats.

As you learned in our mini-Retreat sessions, you are the designer, the master builder, the Chief Design Officer of Your Life, and your life’s greatest masterpiece. In our Divine Bootcamp for the Soul, we hand you your hammer and chisel. The Divine Woman is hidden in the marble of your current life and she is ready to be ACTIVATED and set free.

This invitation is for you if:

You desire to walk this Earth as a more ACTIVATED, Divine Woman that brings her Voice forth as an instrument of clarity and power; positively alters the atmosphere of the places and spaces she enters, calls forth respect and admiration with her presence; inspires treatment that is consistent with her inherent high value and high-level self-love; is a powerful manifestress; has more fully tapped into the divine power of prayer and meditation as part of her daily life; and honors her body as a divine living temple.


Many yearn for but have not received this type of spiritual guidance, clarity and direction before. Maybe you’ve wanted to know the steps and the process for going deeper spiritually and more fully activating your Divine Power, but it hasn’t been clearly laid out for you. Until now.

We have come together once again, this time to offer ACTIVATE! a special journey that consists of Four Levels of Initiation in the form of Exercises, Assignments, sacred rituals and sacred practices deliberately designed to Activate you!

The Four Levels of ACTIVATE, our Divine (virtual) Bootcamp for the Soul are intentionally designed to take you higher and higher with each level, and more fully activate your “I-AM-Christ-Power-Within.” ACTIVATE is your Divine Bootcamp for Your Soul comprised of 8 sessions, divided into four levels.

We’re here to tell you that Yes, there is a process; that Yes there is a specific series of “initiations” that liberate and free you, step by step. And we’ve laid out the Path in ACTIVATE.

In ACTIVATE! you can count on us to provide the loving guidance, wisdom, coaching, and the divine blueprint and Pathway to ACTIVATING your personal and spiritual power.

Who is it For?

ACTIVATE is not for the faint of heart, the lazy, nor those who want the “fruit” and the reward without investing the necessary time, energy, and self-cultivation and spirit-cultivation work.

YOU get to decide if you are ready and willing to go higher, to the next level.

What is the Invitation?

This Invitation is to a special 90-minute conversation taking place via Zoom on Sunday, July 12, to introduce you to ACTIVATE!  ACTIVATE! is for the woman who is ready to be guided through a unique FOUR-LEVEL process that ushers her into BE-ING and living as a Divine woman.

The Invitation to ACTIVATE is for the woman who is ready, really ready, to do the Divine Self Work that translates into greater and deeper personal and spiritual power, freedom, dominion, deeper intimacy with self and God.

We will explain WHY this experience is so necessary and essential at this particularly pivotal time, especially for those who feel an urgency and a tugging within.

We will also explain how ACTIVATE fills a huge void that too often has gone un-addressed in church, in other personal growth courses, seminars, and events; and how this is SO very different from anything else you’ve probably experienced.


In the Mini-Retreats and the Divine Woman Course, you asked great questions such as:

Well, this is your moment AND this can be your journey! We have answers!

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Join us for...


Divine Boot Camp for Your Soul

Sessions take place on Sundays, 90 minute each.
Noon - 1:30pm PST/3:00 – 4:30pm EST



Level 1Heal, Release & Cleanse
Setting Yourself Free

Session 1 and Session 2

Level 2Feminine Energy and Essence
Sacred Self-Care, Graciously Receiving, gracefulness, sensuousness, body temple, sacred prayer and meditation

Session 3 and Session 4

Level 3Divine Discipline and Integrity
Activating Your Voice, Your Word and your “edge”

Session 5 and Session 6

Level 4Humility and Surrender
Allowing, Yielding, Trusting, Flowing

Session 7 and Session 8

Your Invitation & Q&A

Noon to 1:30pm PST/ 3pm to 4:30pm EST
SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2020
  • via Zoom

What Will We Cover on July 12th, The Invitation?

The Invitation will lay out the details of ACTIVATE, describe its design, structure and layout, how it will be structured, what we’ll cover in each of its four levels, the investment details, and also answer your questions so that you can determine if saying YES to this Invitation is for you.

You are invited to join us for The Invitation on Sunday July 12, Noon to 1:30pm PST/3:00 – 4:30pm EST, and you must register to CONFIRM your spot and receive the Zoom call details.

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Saturday, July 12, 2020

Live Zoom Meeting: Noon – 1:30pm PST/3:00 – 4:30pm EST

Debrena Jackson Gandy

“Master Manifestress,” Nationally published best-selling Author and Life Coach, Master Life Coach

DeLayna Elliott

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank

Debrena Jackson Gandy and DeLayna Elliott have teamed up to create ACTIVATE.

DeLayna is a Spiritual Activator! As a spiritual teacher, combined with her over 20 years of finance and wealth-building expertise, her experience as Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Owner of a financial services company, and her experience as a corporate senior technologist, she is able to communicate and translate spiritual wealth principles in a way that stirs your spirit, awakens the untapped and latent power within you, and blows your mind!   

She has the uncanny ability to uncover and explain deeper meaning  of scriptural Truths, using clear, direct, unambiguous language, that sends a tingle up your spine and will make the hairs stand up on your neck.

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Best-selling Author, Transformational Life Coach and Mentor, Founder: Juicy Woman Universe-ity. Featured in Oprah’s O, Essence and Ebony, and Recently featured on Sister Circle national TV show

DeLayna Elliott

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank