Project YOU, Part 2: Recognize the #1 LOVE LIE

Love Lie #1: LOVE IS FOUND

Before my “detox” from this Love Lie began, I would speak of love like it was something to “find” or acquire from the One who I thought “had” it. That someone else was commonly known as The Soul Mate, Mr. Right, or A Husband. I also believed that it was his job and responsibility to make me happy.

In our relationships pop culture, there is little to no conversation about love first being in place in the human relationship you’re already in — the one with yourself. The truth is that self-love is not optional, “extra,” or a bonus – it is essential.

This Love Lie will convince us that love is a thing to be “found” in another, like the hunt for a missing puzzle piece within ourselves. Actually, love occurs first as an experience within our own being, and then is expressed, and shared with another. We’ve had the sequence all wrong. We’ve been conditioned to want to “get” or acquire love from a man so that we can then experience it within ourselves.

The truth is that love is a force and an energy that is built in to our Divine Design. It is part of our essence and our innermost being. It is like an ever-flowing river, always available for us to “connect to its current” within. We’ve been duped into thinking that FIRST connecting to and having an inner experience of “this current” in the relationships you’re ALREADY in – the one with yourself – is optional, inconsequential, insignificant. Actually, it’s critical, essential, and a necessary pre-requisite to having solid self-love share. When you do, you are able to extend, share and offer love to another.

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