BEING a JUICY WOMAN in Life, Love & Business – June 26, 2017 Start Date

A 5-Week Tele-Class with Master Coach

Debrena Jackson Gandy


Lately, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or like you are spinning your wheels, you are not alone.  The way we’ve been taught, shown or that we’ve  had modeled to us as “THE way” to “make it happen,” is based in a masculine approach to achieving and accomplishing.  And it’s wearing out us and causing depletion of our feminine spirits.  Over time, this approach can grate on you, tire you out, create low-grade frustration, and an inner restlessness.

 In this 5 week tele-class, you will be introduced to another way…a holistic approach to success that goes beyond achievement to FULFILLMENT –  that is based in a WHOLE NEW SET of beliefs.  And out of these beliefs will come new ways of thinking, perceiving, BEING and “making things happen” in your life.

Instead of striving, chasing and pursuing, you will make the shift to attracting, magnetizing, and manifesting, with more EASE, based upon a more feminine approach to life and manifestation.

Featuring 5 Mentoring Monday Sessions

6:00 – 7:30pm PST/9:00 – 10:30pm EST

DATES: 6/26, 7/3, 7/10, 7/17 and 7/24




10 Tools, Principles & Practices of a Juicy Woman

 5 SECRETS of Holistic Success


There is another way – a way of manifesting that is more IN LINE with your feminine spirit. A way that supports  your spirit being FULL,  your mind being CLEAR, and better managing your ENERGY so that you are renewed and rejuvenated instead of depleted.

And over these 5 weeks, you will be introduced to 10 Tools, Principles & Practices of a Juicy Woman: 4 in the area of Life, 4 in the area of Love, and 2 in the area of Business; along with 5 Secrets of Holistic Success – that honor your mind, body, spirit and energy, and result in deeper fulfillment, not just achievement.



Experience more joy, flow & peace….Learn to Manifest with More Ease

Shift out of Overwhelm Mode to Relax & Flow Mode…Get focused and centered on what matters most


  • The Juicy Woman’s Manifesto
  • 25 Affirmations of the Juicy Woman
  • One, LIVE Group Video Coaching Session
  • FIRST 10 get a FREE E-GIFT:  Debrena’s Womb Healing E-Book


INVESTMENT OPTIONS:  Paid in Full, $497; OR 3 installments of $193

Registration Opens:  June 17, 2017 (Maximum of 24 women)


OPTION ONE: Paid in Full, $497





OPTION TWO:  3 installments of $193 each





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