The ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION Event, Saturday, September 9, 2017

The SEQUEL to the wildly successful ELEVATE Kick-Off event  –

NOW, The ELEVATE R-Evolution Event is coming!!

Saturday, September 9, 2017, 9:00am to 2:00pm

in partnership with the  

Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute


GET READY!!  GET READY!! The ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION Event is the SEQUEL to the wildly successful January 2017 Kick-Off  inaugural ELEVATE event that had folks buzzing for weeks afterwards.  The success of the JANUARY kick-off event and the “high” it created has now spawned The ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION EVENT….the NEXT step.

January’s inaugural ELEVATE event was MOTIVATIONAL, and now the ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION event is ACTIVATIONAL – it is all about more fully activating our intrinsic personal and collective power and synergy, and implementing, executing, and putting pivotal practices into place in your life in FOUR KEY LIFE AREAS.

  • The purpose of the ELEVATE Movement is first and foremost, to ELEVATE the consciousness of African-Americans in this region, and secondly, activate and re-awaken Black Greatness by re-directing and re-purposing energies, focus, attention, mindset, and actions from reactivity to pro-activity, and to what uplifts, affirms, and in-powers us individually and collectively.

It began on January 21, 2017, when over 100 progressive African-Americans descended on the DoubleTree Suites Hotel in Tukwila and came together in the spirit of motivation and affirmation, and to elevate the consciousness of African-Americans in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.  Attendees experienced boosted motivation, new connections, energy, and synergy was off the charts!!  Follow-up contacts and new connections occurred with at least 60% of the group!

What was initially intended to become a “one and done” event has NOW evolved into a Movement to initiate a Regional Renaissanc – a Renaissance brought about by elevating the consciousness of African-Americans in the Region, and operating from a place of POSITIVE synergy, cooperation, collaboration, connectivity, collective empowerment and momentum.

The ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION EVENT, taking place on Saturday, September 9, from 9:00am to NOON, in partnership with Seattle’s iconic Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.


  • The ELEVATE Movement is grounded in forming synergistic relationships based upon the Four Foundational Principles, the “4 C’s:”  cooperation, communication, collaboration and connectivity. These are the hallmarks of the Movement, with the emphasis being on synergy and collaboration.


  • The ELEVATE Movement is grounded in the belief that: through an elevated consciousness,  through intentional and purposeful coordinated action; and the strategic exchange of knowledge, quality information and critical insights and teachings, that a NEW era of positive impact and progress can be invoked and realized.


  • The ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION Event is a high-vibe, elevating, IN-powering half-day event revolving around 4 workshop-style sessions.  The emphasis is on training and equipping you with knowledge, critical insights, and quality information in four main “PILLAR” areas that will elevate you in four pivotal KEY LIFE AREAS.  The intent is personal and collective ELEVATION.


The four main pillars or FOUR KEY LIFE AREAS that are the focus of the ELEVATE R-Evolution Event are:

Black Money & Business

Black Love Relationships

Black Wellness & Healing, and

Black Personal Growth & Spiritual Development


An impressive line-up of Black experts, successful Black business owners, mentors, trainers and coaches will be sharing  knowledge, critical insights and practical tools for empowering and equipping you to ELEVATE in your life.


Devin Stubblefield – Financial Trainer and Money Mindset Expert


Theo Martin – Successful Restauranteur, Financial Legacy Expert


Nichelle Alderson – Therapist, Consultant, Nutritional Therapy Coach


K S Shabazz – Fitness and Clean Eating Coach


Michael and Sanetta Hunter – Founders of Heart 2 Heart Ministries, Couples Counselors, Marriage Enrichment Specialists


Debrena Jackson Gandy – Relationships Author, Relationships Mentor, Transformational Coach


Kevin Baker – Educator, Cultural Advocate, Personal Development Coach


Will Caver – Spiritual Mentor and Teacher




Early Bird investment of $49.00, 7/28 through 8/23

(Early Bird Registration, Extended to 8/23)

Early Bird Registration, $49

Regular Registration, $59.oo,  STARTS 8/24



J. R. Gillespie, AllStar Financial Insurance

Jefferson Butler, Geneva Financial

Ron Bennett, American Pacific Mortgage


The Elevate R-Evolution Event is Not a “One and Done” Event

What sets the ELEVATE Movement apart is that this September 9 event is NOT a “one and done” event.  On September 9, we will also introduce you to a unique infrastructure for the elevation and upliftment of participants, in these four specific area.  The event will offer you the opportunity to focus on a specific Pillar area, over the 6 months (October to March) following the event, along with a companion cohort group of other progressive African-Americans.  Together, you will journey with your cohort group through a powerful 6-month Pathway, designed, guided and led by the Pillar’s co-coaches and a team of Assistant Coaches, who are subject-matter experts. Each Pillar’s Pathway is designed to generate specific WINS for you, that will create momentum and new levels of success and effectiveness in your life.  Be accelerated along much faster than you would if you were going it alone.

A unique aspect of the ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION event is that participants will also have get to select one of four 6-month Pathways, based upon each one of the four focus areas of the R-EVOLUTION Event.  You will have the opportunity, near the end of the event, to sign up to move through a 6-month Pathway program with a cohort group where you will receive structure, support, and guidance that is designed to convert into positive movement, and measurable progress.  Each Pathway has a nominal tuition fee, per month.

This is a NEW type of model for Black elevation. Join the Movement!










We look forward to having you join us!!!


Another outstanding event brought to you by and Masterminds


Visionary and Producer, DEBRENA JACKSON GANDY


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