Debrena Jackson Gandy will teach you to MANIFEST POWERFULLY in Life, Love & Business

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For us, you were that complete package- a dead-on message, expressive and authentic delivery and you actively engaged the audience.”

Vanna Novak, Co-Founder
The Executive Development Institute
Your teaching and coaching has touched me and made a difference in my life – a difference that has enriched my life for the better. Thank you for your ASCEND tele-seminar. It helped me understand the importance of cleaning the corrosion off of my heart; being able to access the Divine Convert Box which is my heart; and understanding that my heart is the Receiving Center for Clarity, Appreciation, Gratitude and Power. I am ready to raise my vibration to Joy, peace, enlightenment, harmony, wisdom, hopefulness, courage, and the most important of them all – LOVE.
S. Green
I just want to say how tremendously AWESOME you were presenting your Tapping the Power of Prayer, Meditation and Forgiveness Tele-Seminar. As a long time student and spiritual practitioner in the areas of Prayer, Meditation and Forgiveness, I am blown away by the wisdom, clarity and patient delivery of this subject. Your astute ability to use your words to paint the big picture, take each of your students step-by-step to connect the dots, and visualize the concept is truly amazing!! I gained SO much from the seminar. I recommend it to anyone seeking the what, why, how and the WHEN of prayer, meditation and forgiveness.S. Waters