5 Keys to Living the JUICY LIFE For REAL!

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What are you waiting for?!?! It’s time to create and LIVE a JUICY LIFE!!

Many of us wish and fantasize about having a JUICY LIFE, but it eludes us.  We think about and dream about having a life that is bursting with sweetness, joy, prosperity, juicy love, well-being, rich friendships and rewarding work.  Actually having and living a JUICY LIFE can seem like a tantalizing carrot that continuously hangs a few inches out of our reach for far too many of us.

In a culture that puts inordinate emphasis on the material, the physical and the tangible, we can struggle with NOT knowing how to CREATE, ACCESS and EXPERIENCE a truly juicy life.  It no longer has to be a mystery.


This is why Debrena Jackson Gandy, and Guest Host, Jolyn Gardner Campbell, have come together, two JUICY WOMEN, both in juicy love relationships and owners of their own businesses, to offer this powerful  90-minute tele-seminar, The JUICY LIFE, to share with you the 5 Keys to Living the Juicy Life. 

We think you’d agree – encountering those who are living the life of their dreams is a rarity, even with all of the technology, modern advances, and materials things we’ve accumulated….So to have TWO women sharing with you the insights, practices and ways of being, thinking and living that have enabled them to create JUICY LIVES for themselves, is indeed a RARE TREAT!!  These two women know what it means to be the CDO, CHIEF DESIGN OFFICER , of your LIFE!

During this value-packed 90-Minute Tele-Seminar, you will learn:

  • How to attract and sustain JUICY LOVE
  • How to convert your gifts and talents into a JUICY BUSINESS
  • How being deliberate and intentional with these things can change what you notice, what you attract, and what you experience in your life
  • Wellness practices that support having a JUICY BODY
  • JUICY RITUALS that support clarity, joy, high energy and focus

BONUS:  The first 50 to register by April 23, also receive Debrena’s DECIDE TO BE GREAT Audio recording (electronic and downloadable format) for the Special Discounted Rate of ONLY $59.


REGISTRATION:  After April 23, and until Sunday, April 27 at 9:00pm PST/Midnight EST, Regular Registration is:  $99.00


VALUE:  This is normally a $187 VALUE for the tele-seminar and the Bonus Audio recording for only $59.00 (Debrena has a new book coming out nationally in a few months, and she’s raising her rates, so you probably won’t be able to get this kind of a deal again!). Seize this moment!  Don’t put it off!!!  Don’t procrastinate, and don’t get left behind!!



Only $59.00

First 50 get Debrena’s Decide to Be Great Bonus Audio recording


You’ll be sent your Bonus Gift and the Dial-in Number and special code to the Tele-Conference Line for your Tele-seminar, in advance of the Tele-seminar Date.

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